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Coates Cleaning - Oven cleaning within and around the Sunderland area

Why choose Jason to clean your oven?

  • Friendly service - Be at ease with Jason.

  • Experience - Jason has 6 years of oven cleaning experience

  • Deep clean results - Jason has an eye for detail, every part of your oven is cleaned where possible. From your grill element to your bulb cover.

  • Reliable - A reliable service, Jason will always aim to honour your booking.

  • Pride - Jason takes pride in the job he does, feedback is essential, his reviews speak for themselves.

    So let Jason clean and transform your oven to nearly new condition.

    Cleaning an oven can be a very messy and frustrating task, but Jason of Coates Cleaning have simplified the task for you!
    All you need to do is to book a professional clean with us, and before you know it your oven will be sparkling again.

    Oven cleaning in Sunderland

    Established since 2014, Jason Covers all areas of Sunderland, South Shields, Seaham and Washington.

    Why not see the cleaning results for yourself? Jason will be more than happy to help you!

    Call Jason, so he can tackle your cleaning request 07543636153

    Our oven clean method

    Every oven I clean I use a 4 step cleaning method, this is to ensure that every clean I undertake will have the same standard and quality.

    1.Prepare area ready for cleaning; lay down protective sheeting.
    2.Shelves and grill pan are removed and cleaned in my van.
    3.Inside of your oven is cleaned, using special cleaning techniques. Most grease and carbon deposits will be removed from your oven.
    4.Oven door and glass is cleaned.

    Oven cleaning pricing

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    Oven cleaner

    Please note there is a minimum charge of £40 applies to oven cleaning services

    Oven cleaner

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